How do Indian bodybuilders qualify for Mr. Olympia?

Simplest way to participate in Mr. Olympia is by invite. IFBB send special invites to pro card holder every year & ask them to participate in Mr. Olympia event. (Eg. Kai Greene)

Next possible way is to be resident of USA & win back to back NPC shows & win pro card & after winning pro card participate in pro show & if you win that pro show, you’ll be qualified for Mr. Olympia for that current year. (Eg. Amit Roy)

Another way is to win back to back 4 NPC shows of USA & claim pro card by mailing IFBB your request/ petition to be pro card holder & enter into an agreement with IFBB. (Eg. Junaid Kaliwala)

Moreover, Manoj Majumdar who won Arnold classic in 2015 could not get pro card. So there are chances that even if you win such big shows you’ll not get pro card!

This is just an overview, there are also minor important things which should be looked, for eg. Your weight should be in proportion to your height in every show! You can’t be 180 pound in one show & 200 pound in next show.

There are other rules as well & don’t forget doping test by IFBB.

For more information visit NPC & IFBB official website! & Note each & everything thing.

Indians have huge potential to participate in Mr. Olympia & Arnold classic! Just keep trying. Early the better.

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