How Google Ads Works and Is it Worth it?


Before we can even discuss how much placing ads on Google Ads may cost your business, we’ve got to start with the basics. It’s important that you understand how Google Ads works in order to understand the average Google ads value.

Google Ads works much like associate degree auction. Here’s what the process appearance like:

First, the search user types in a very keyword or phrase into the search engine. this is called a search question.
Google then decides if the search question contains any keywords that advertisers could also be bidding on with their PPC ads.
If more than one business is bidding on the same keywords that the user has searched for, then Google begins Associate in Nursing auction. This auction will determine where the ad is positioned, otherwise called the ad rank.

Google ads cost

It’s vital to notice that contrary to well-liked belief, the business with the largest Ads budget doesn’t essentially have the best influence. though it doesn’t hurt to possess extra money allotted to Google ads, the auction system that Ads uses to see that ads are displayed helps to level the enjoying field.

As you’ll see from the graphic higher than, the adman with the simplest value per click (CPC) truly had the bottom easy lay bid. this can be as a result of their quality score was on top of those that were bidding for identical keywords.

Google ads cost

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